Plastic Products

Technical Features
Self-locking head ensures stable binding power even under extreme conditions, e.g. temperature and vibration. Interior serrations help hold individual wires or bundles firmly in place through friction.
Tapered tip often with the "bent tail" facility for easy insertion, speeds up threading and reduces applied cost.
Tough, smooth polyamide may be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Black UV resistant ties are recommended for outdoor use.The all synthetic one-piece design eliminates metal parts.cable ties can be hand applied or by using application tools.

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Bundling and mounting of wires, cables, harnesses and hoses in many industries.
Clean bundling of cables and leads in switch boards and control systems.
Mounting of conduits, tubes, cables and components in installations.
Fastening and mounting
Material :Polyamide 6.6.
Colour :Natural or black. Colors was on requirement

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