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  • TH Self-locking head ensures stable binding power even under extreme conditions, e.g. temperature and vibration. Interior serrations help hold individual wires or bundles firmly in place through friction.
    Tapered tip often with the "bent tail" facility for easy insertion, speeds up threading and reduces applied cost...
  • TM Nylon66,94V-2,cerificated by UL,the back attached sponge glue imported.
    Peel the sponge glue and stick on the wall then, bundle the wire with cable ties.
    For bundling wires and other things save time and convenient, used for the wall which can,t be made a hole.
  • SWB Provides abrasion protection for wires, cables, tubing, and hoses.
    Attractive makes neat, compact uniform bundles. Break-out at any point along the bundle.
    Moisture resistant will not hold "cable-rotting" moisture.
  • EC/EC-J Material: made from PVE, oil and erosion control, heat resisting up to 85℃ Struction:the inside is hollow, but elastic, Ther diameter can change with the needed wire.
  • PXC Material:made from PVC(grey),good insulation and heat-resisting up to 85"C.
    Struction:made up of duct bottom and lid, with two cout-holes design at the bottom.
    Material:Nylon66 94V-2 agreed by UL.
  • P Screw on wire connectors
    Material:UL Nylon 66.with spring inside.
    Usage:Peel wire coat, insert the wire in,then tighten.
  • V Usage:Devide the colorful cable in machine,used to various teminals as soft feature, easy to take off.
    Character: clearly color,shine,soft,insulated.
    Color: red white blue yellow,black green,brown avaiable up on special request.
  • JXB These products with (or not) instruction lamps, installed on the standard dinrail to connect the cable or other conductors.
  • IN These products with (or not) instruction lamps, installed on the standard dinrail to connect the cable or other conductors.
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