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Super Light Multi-section Insulated Extension Ladder
Super Light Circular Pipe Fiberglass Single Ladder
1.Product characters:
A:Super light:Use material light epoxy resin produce.only 2.75kg/m,much lighter but stringer than the common FRP ladder which is 4kg/m.
B:High strength:can withstand 200 kg impulse per ,eter.Elongate may from 2m to 4m,reduce may to 60—70cm.
2.Applications:Suitable for repairs in local transformer substation overhaul,checking the ,eters and so on.
Portable and convenient:can be placed in home car, only very small space needed for store.
3.Product model:THQX-2m,THQX-2.8m,THQX-3.2m,THQX-3.8X,THQX-4m
Product characters:use material light epoxy resin produce,only 2kg/m.much ligher but stronger than the common FRP ladder which is 4kg/m.High strength:can withstand 200kg impulse per meter.

Single step ladder
Model:THQA-2m, THQA-2.5m,
THQA-3m,THQA-3.5m, THQA-4m.
Also can produce as your requirements.
Joint ladder
Model:THQB-2m,THQB-2.5m, THQB-3m,THQB-3.5m, THQB-4m,
Also can produce as your
Step stool
Also can produce as your
A-type ladder
Model:THQC-2m, 2.5m, THQC-3m,THQC-3.5m, THQC-4m.
Also can produce as your requirements.
M-type ladder
Model:THQE-4m, THQE-6m,
Also can produce as your requirements.
N-type ladder
Model:THQF-3m, THQF-4.5m, THQF-6m.
Also can produce as your requirements
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