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Product features
1.Imported liquid silicon rubber(LSR),high elasticity, permanent deformation,storage period over 2 years.
2.Entirely prefabricated,insulation layer is integrated with stress control layer without any gap,no interface discharge.
3.Strong adaptability,-50℃~+50℃ for long-tern use,wide wrapping range,it is able to wrap 3-4 sections.
4.Convenient installation,all-weather operation,especially suitable for flammable and explosive locations such as chemical industry, petroleum,mine and so on where should be far away from fire.
5.Three-layer watertight,preventing from creepage accident caused by incursion of humidity.
6.High-strength external sheath adopts imported materials and industrial armor tape,which provides strong external protective covering,it is suitable for multi laying modes such as durect burying.
7.The priduct has passed the type tepe test stipulated in GB/T12706.1-2008.

Product feature
1.It is made of imported liquid silicon rubber(LSR),track resisitance reaches class 1A4.5;
2.Share the sane air with the cablemwhich sharply reduces the partial discharge and clearance discharge;
3.Double-earth-wire structure that is convenient for operationg inspection;
4.Non-magnetic permanent force spring,it could avild eddy current or floationg potential;
5.Seal pipe and stiffener at the end of straight insulating tube sharply improve the sealing and dempproof performances.

1.Connection terminal
2.J-20 self-adhesive tape
3.Wire core
4.Seal gum
5.Chromatography sealed tube
6.Terminal body
7.Main insulating layer
8.Stress cone
9.Semi-conductive tape
10.Semiconductor shielded layer
11.Seal gum
12.Copper shielded tape
13.Cold-shrinkable insulating tube
15.Constant force spring
16.Steek armor
17.Filling adhesive
18.Cable outer sheath
19.Cold-shrinkable three-branch sheath
20.Shielded earthing wire
21.Armored earthing wire
22.Earthing terminal
L:Hole depth of connection terminal
35KV Three-core cold-shrinkable indoor/ outdoor terminal assembly diagram
10-35KV Components of cold-shrinkable intermediate joint
Cutavvay view of cold shrinkable type middle joint tube
Cold-shrinkable three-core branch sheath
Main bodyof the cold-shrinkable middle joints
Main bodyof the cold-shrinkable terminals
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Feedback Form
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