Ring Connectors/ATC

Ring Connectors/ATC 1. Peel off insulation layer of main line 150-200mm (according to sectional area of cable).separate the cores from each other.
2. Put the mid islated sprag into gap among the cores of the cable, then put second sprag into the gap between another sides of cores, lead the cores into the centre of isolated sprag.
3. After determining centre of ring connector according to positio of mid isolated sprag, place cores of the main cable into ring conector, then tighten hexagon socket head cap.
4.Pell off insulation coat of branch cable 20mm,then lead it into hole of ring connector, then tighten a bolt by inner hexagon spanner with 4mm opposite-side.
5. Screw torque nuts equally by inner hexagon spanner with 6mm opposite side only two cycles a time. Don't stop screwing until the cap of the torque nuts is screwed off.
6. Caver the ring connector with cables by a insulation plastic cover. Fill the gap between the caver and the ends of the plastic cover, then install it after the insulation oil is frozen.
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Underground boxes are composed of :
A polypropylene box, made of
2 snap-locking, shock-resitant shells.
A filling gel pre-fitted In the box.
Two cable pull relief clampswith fixing bolts.
Two waterproof protection foam.
Two or three insulated piercing connectors, type (THEP).
One installation instruction manuel.
The kit is complete ready for use, no specific tool needed.
The kit cover sizes from 6 to 25 mm2 on main cable and 1.5 to 6 mm2 on tap cable.


These underground boxes are used for branching of public lighting, car parks, telephone booths, bus shelters, motorways It can be used everywhere where there are no particular fireproof requirements.

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