Heliformed dampler

Damping devices are designed for the single purpose of reducing vibration. This single function is entirely different from that of protecting against (1) stress concentrations, (2) fretting or abrasion, and (3) arc-over burning. Because of this, damping devices should be considered only as supplemental to Armor Rod or other hardware at tangent supports. Dampers are also used as supplemental protection at dead-ends. The degree of protection needed on a specific line depends upon a number of factors such as line design, temperature, tension, exposure to wind flow, and vibration history on similar construction in the same area.MATERIAL: The solid polyvinyl chloride helical rod material

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Length: Assists in identification of conductor size,Damping Section: Helically scaled for interplay of damper
and conductor, to provide the action or reaction motion that opposes the natural vibration wave.
Gripping Section: Has a smaller helix designed to the grip conductor.


Optic Line Fitting

NOTE:Fitting other than those shown may be used provded they have dimensions shown on Table 1.

Thimble Clevis for Conductor Dead-ends Thimble Clevises are used in conjunction with PREFORMED Dead-ends on suspension-type or Dead-end insulators. The thimble is intended to provide a smooth internal contour to prevent stress concentration within the loop of a PREFORMED Dead-end. The Clevis includes a steel pin which links it through the eye of an insulator and secures it with a humpbacked cotter key. If removal or replacement of an insulator, or similar maintenance, is required, only the cotter key and steel pin need to be removed to release the clevis.

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