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When centered over the point of damage, the ends of the Conductor Splice should not be positioned closer than 152mm to existing Armor Rods or Line Guards.
The Restorative-Repair function of this splice should be limited to damage located within the "idspan Area or the Point of Support". (See Figure 1)

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Full Tension Splice

It was use for Jointing and restorative repair on conductors of aluminum, Aluminum Coated Steel and galvanized steel.
In all cases - aluminum alloy, Aluminum Coated Steel and galvanized steel - Line Splices will provide conductivity equal to, or better than, an equivalent length of unspliced conductor.
To ensure a good long term joint, the conductor must be scratch brushed and greased prior to the application of the splice.
Holding Strength
On all aluminum, Aluminum Coated Steel and galvanized steel conductors of homogeneous stranding, Compatibility
As Line Splices relate to their conductor materials - aluminum, Aluminum Coated Steel and galvanized steel - problems due to incompatibility do not arise.
Installation Pointers
Line Splices should not be reused after original installation.
Restorative repair should be limited to damage in the span and should not be used at the point of support.

This splice will hold the full rated breaking strength of, and provide better conductivity than an equal length of unspliced ACSR conductor. ACSR F.T. will restore original conductivity and full rated breaking strength to ACSR conductor.
This splice is recommended when damage to the core itself is suspected. All conductors, new or weathered, must be thoroughly scratch-brushed until bright and clean.
ACSR Full Tension Splices is designed as a three component assembly. The Core Splice is applied after removal of the aluminum strands down to the steel core. Filler rods, when required, are applied over the Core Splice to re-establish the original outside diameter of the conductor. The Outer Splice is identical in design to the Conductor Splice except for the overall length.

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