ZW37-40.5 Outdoor

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ZW37-40.5 model outdoor vacuum circuit breaker is high voltage switch of rated voltage 40.5kV and three-phase.
It applies to make and break load current,overload current and short-circuit current in power system.
The applicable occasions includes substations, industry and mining, urban and rural electricity power networks, functioning as electric protection and control apparatus; it is especially applicable in occasions with frequent operation and automatic power distribution network.
This product have qualified in type test executed in Beijing electric power research institute, and conforms with related IEC standards.

ZW37-40.5 Outline dimension and installation drawing
1. Outgoing copper bar
2. Vacuum arc-extinguish chamber
3. Post insulator
4. Main shaft
5. Open spring
6. Bottom outgoing pad
7. Insulate bar
8. Long draw bar
9. Operation mechanism
10. Crutch arm 11. Rogowski coil
12. Frame 13. Solid sealed-in pole

ZW37-40.5 Outdoor
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