Overhead Switch

  • GWR1-0.5
  • GW1-12
  • GW9-12/24(W)
  • GW-12/24/40.5
  • GWR-12/24/40.5-100
  • GW4-12(40.5)
  • GW5
  • GW1-27.5/GDW 500V
  • GN19-12(C)/GN30-12(D)

(Reciprocating downthe-pole
control Shown)

Mounting (Hook stick control shown)
Vertical Mounting (Reciprocating downthe-pole control Shown)
Inverted Mounting (Hook stick control shown)

Fuse Access is Safe and Simple

1 - Loadbreak elbow must be removed before the mechanical latch can be opened. Parking the elbow insures that the load is safely disconnected.
2 - After the elbow has been parked, the latching bail on the fuse door is released.
3 - As fuse door is lowered, a spring activated barrier closes behind it to maintain the deadfront integrity of the switch's tap side.
4 - When the fuse door is fully opened, the fuse tray is positioned an ample distance from the cables for easy removal of the fuses.

Horizontal                                             Isolation does not require movement of the 600a connectors.

Sufficient space is provided for bushings for parking of elbows.
After verification of visible break, removal of the arrester exposes the load reducing tap plug on back of the 600A connector.
A Voltage Detector may be used to test for line voltage.
It can then be grounded with a standard grounding elbow.
Grounding switches
Grounding switches are supplied as an addition to the main switch, or as a separate unit. They can be installed on either the jaw or hinge end of the main switch. Grounding switches are normally interlocked with the main switch to prevent the closing of both switches at the same time.
Mechanical interlocks are used primarily for interlocking ground and main switches to prevent both switches being opened at the same time.
Vacuum Interrupter
The vacuum interrupter provides confined arc switching (in a vacuum) of load, line charging, and transformer magnetizing currents. The vacuum interrupter is capable of interrupting up to 2000 amperes at voltages 7.5kV through 230kV. At the higher voltages this interrupter utilizes vacuum units in series so interconnected that there is simultaneous separation of the contacts. Units are full voltage rated for interrupting duty up to the full continuous current rating of the main switch, with full open circuit voltage across the interrupter.
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