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100A Pole fuse switch disconnectors
For Low Voltage ABC Systems or Open-wire Overhead Networks Fuse-Switch-Disconnectors are fully insulated onload switches for reliable use in low voltage ABC systems or open-wire overhead networks. The switches are suitable for mounting directly to transformers, poles or building facades. General ratings are 450V and currents range from 100A to 630A.

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Protection and Isolation
Protection of an outgoing feeder in transformer substations
Ring main configurations
Protection of consumer services
Connection of temporary consumers
Protection between bare conductors and insulated overhead cables or underground cables Sectionising
Connection and disconnection of network sections
Connection of overhead to underground cables

Electrical & Mechanical fuse indicators.
Minimum number of moving parts.
Designed for switching on full load with DIN Type fuse links upto a rated current of 400A.
Arc quenching chambers to allow for On-Load switching.
Change of fuse possible by using the Insulated operating rod.
Lower flap can be withdrawn by the Insulated operating rod.
Flexibility of linking a series of flaps for simultaneous operation.
The contacts are rigidly mounted in the housing independent of the terminal bolts.
Bolted or Moving blade linked neutral.

Fuse cutout

FS cutouts are made of high grade phenolic moulding power having high mechanical and dielectric strength. The body possesser non-hygroscopic and non-tracking qualities. Terminal contracts are of tinned brass with phosphor bronze back up compression spring capable of providing flawless service even after years of use.
It has features like: all components are inter-locked.
Sealing provision to aviod unauthorised access.
Common body from 15amps to 100amps. Terminal are suitable for aluminium/copper conductors upto 35sq.mm loop in and loop out cabling contacts available.The available current is 60# 60/80A, 100# 60/80A, 100# 100A, 100# 1P+N 60/80A, 100# 1P+N 100A. 100# 3P+N 60/80A, 100# 3P+N 100A

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