Ball eyes

Line Hardware fittings are used to connect insulators to the towers and conductors.
The forged hardware is mainly made of heat treated steel.
This steel is especially suitable for forging and its good performance, especially ductility, is due to the heat treatment process. The short circuit capability of the Line Hardware fittings depends on the cross sections used as well as the smoothness of bolts and holes and on the mechanical load applied. One should keep in mind that at higher temperatures the strength of the hardware will be reduced.
Standards: The connecting bolts are grade 4.8 or 8.8. Split pins are made of stainless steel or tinned copper.
Dimensions of other connections are shown in the relevant catalogue section, but also others are available on request.

Ball eyes
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Ball eyes
Body : Galvanized steel

Oval ball eyes
Ball eyes are used to attach ball and socket insulators to other associated hardware. The use of the ball oval eye and an anchor shackle is one of the most common distribution tower attachment combinations.

Body - Galvanized steel

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