Suspension Clamp

  • TH95\1.1A/B\ES-1500
  • XJ
  • PS5028

Suspension clamps are used to connect the conductors to the insulators. The product range comprises products for all purposes. Some of the types have heli-formed rods already integrated, whereas others can be used with or without such rods.
Besides the standard designs special slipping clamps, which allow slipping between two defined values,
are available.

The connecting parts of the clamps are adjusted to suit requirements. Standards:
The connecting bolts acc. degree8.8.
Split pins are made of stainless steel or tinned copper. Clevis eye connections are according DIN 48074.

Our design fulfills also the following important criteria:
To minimize oscillation effects most of the clamps are of an oscillating or trunnion type with trumpet shaped grooves generating low specific pressure onto the conductor.
Good corona and radio interference voltage (RIV) behavior due to rounded shapes.
Low magnetic losses and avoidance of electrolytic corrosion because of the use of the same materials as used for the conductors.
The holding capability is sufficient and slipping is avoided at normal differential loads. An exception is the slipping type which allows defined slipping.
The holding strength is not affected by dynamic loads.
Counterweights can be applied on all types.
The short circuit capability is excellent due to a narrow ranged groove which leads to a large contact area.

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